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March Goodie box reveal

I realize it is a little late for March reviews but I wanted to officially introduce beauty product subscription sites. I recently signed up for two sites after seeing a fast moving beauty trend, subscription sampling. It is a great way for companies to get their products out to a lot of people and a great way for us to sample new products before spending big bucks on them to see if they work or not. The ones I decided on are Birchbox and Julep.

Both sites take you through a beauty profile in order to get the information they need to tailor your monthly box to your beauty style. Your box is then put together based on these answers. If you end up not liking the products you can change your profile to fit better with your needs and style.  There is a small cost,  Birchbox is $10 and Julep is $20. Since people are more likely to purchase a product if endorsed by peers, Birchbox and Julep encourage subscribers to post reviews about the products.

Here is a look at what I received from both of the sites in March 2014.

March 2014 Birchbox:

birchbox mar 1

1. Supergoop! – Anti aging serum that creates a weightless UV shield wearable year-round.

2. Air Repair – Natural salve repairs dry, cracked skin anywhere on the body.

3. Skinfix – All-natural balm that quickly repairs and softens severely dry skin – eczema included.

4. theBalm – How ‘Bout Them Apples? cheek and lip cream. A dual purpose cream stain with a hint of shimmer.

5. Mighty Leaf – tea pouches with handpicked blends of organic tea leaves, dried fruit and spices in a biodegradable pouch.

March’s theme was dry skin, as you can see. With winter coming to a close there is no shortage of dry skin to treat. I have  been using the Skinfix and am already seeing a difference in dry patches on my elbows and heels.

March 2014 Julep Maven box:

Jules box march


1. Zora – Shimmery, light pink nail polish

2. Myrtle – Bright red nail polish

3. Mighty Nail and Cuticle serum – contains peptides to transform dry and damaged cuticles overnight

The Julep Maven box contains two full-size, early preview nail colors and one beauty product. The nail polish contains Hexanal as well as oxygen technology to strengthen and condition nails. I have used both colors and love them. They are vibrant, go on smooth and are wearing very nicely. I am in the first stages of the cuticle serum so I have no results at this time.

So far I am very happy with both subscriptions. I have already been introduced to some great products I would not have known about otherwise. If you subscribe to something like this and use the products, I highly encourage you to write reviews. It lets the company know what you think and your unique perspective may help out a fellow beauty lover before purchase. Stay tuned for how the rest of the products perform based on their descriptions.

If you found this helpful please share or leave a comment if you have suggestions or questions.


1 thought on “March Goodie box reveal”

  1. I’ve been contemplating subscribing to Birchbox, Eco Emi and/or New Beauty. I love trying new products and this concept sounds great. I may just take the leap. Thanks for sharing!

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