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Beauty on a Budget: Unexpected uses of lip gloss

When you are on a budget finding creative ways to use your existing products becomes important. As spring comes around new trends and looks are coming out. Bright, natural and dewy are in, pushing the darker winter colors out. You may see this and think about what it will cost to stay on trend. Chances are you have an arsenal in your purse you are unaware of, your lip gloss collection.

Here are some easy tips on how to fully utilize your lip gloss:

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Use lip gloss on your eyes for a shiny, dewy look. You can use a translucent pastel, pink or sorbet color to stay natural and bright. To prevent the gloss from being sticky you can prep your eye lid with a waxy balm. To keep the lip gloss from creasing use sparingly and dab on with your ring finger.

Clear lip gloss can double as a eye primer. Dab a little on before applying eye shadow to help the colors pop and stay put. You can also use lip gloss as an eyeliner with your favorite eye shadows. Use a very thin eyeliner brush to apply to your lash line. Using the same brush, go over the gloss with the color of your choice. This gives you a unique color with a gel-like finish.


Your lip gloss can also double as a cheek color. You want to start with a gloss that is darker and has a highly pigmented, heavy-duty formula. This will be more like a liquid lip color. Using the back of your hand blend it with a little bit of balm-like moisturizer to create a sheer cheek color. To apply it, dab the color on your cheek, never rub it in. This is true with all cream colors.

You can also use clear gloss as as a highlighter. Just dab a little bit on your cheekbones. This technique is great for pictures as the effect may not last very long.


If you hair is being unruly and sticking up every which way, use a clear gloss on the ends to help make it more manageable. It helps with flyaways as well as making hair a little easier to handle. One word of caution: try to keep the lip gloss away from your roots. This tip works particularly well for color treated hair, which tends to be drier.

These are some great tips on how to maximize your already existing collection or help out when you find yourself in a bind. Lip gloss truly is one of the most essential pieces a girl can have in her makeup bag. It is a great multitasker and can pull a look together the old fashioned way, on your lips.

If you have a favorite lip gloss please share or leave a comment with questions or suggestions.


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