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Beauty on a Budget: The art of finding a good deal

We all know beauty products can cost a fortune and many of us are on a tight budget. Spending the extra cash for the good stuff can be very difficult, especially if you like to try new products. Large chain stores have a wide array of products, however they only carry certain brands and if you are looking for a specific one you might be out of luck. There are many different ways to buy beauty products ranging from a specialized store, online,and to independent consultants.

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Join the club!

Many stores such as Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta offer rewards program benefits. Some programs give you points based on dollar amounts, others have a small membership fees. There are other types but these are the most common. In return for shopping you can get discounts, free samples, gifts and more. Loyalty programs are a great way to get extra savings if you already plan on spending the money. Once you sign up you can watch your email for good deals.

Free Samples

Many stores, consultants, and salons offer free samples when you make a purchase. This gives you an opportunity to try before you buy. There is usually only one or two uses in them but the information you get can be invaluable. They can turn you onto a great product or keep you from buying a bad one.

Subscription sites

Birchbox and other sites have become increasingly popular as a way to try products at a low cost. If you consider yourself a maven on a budget you may consider looking into this as an option. There is usually a subscription fee involved and in return you receive a monthly package with different sized beauty products. Some are samples and some are full sized products, it depends on the site.

Multitasking products

One way to stretch a budget is finding out how to use products you have for new purposes. There are plenty of resources online to go to when looking for a way to revamp your cosmetic bag. You may find tips and tricks you would have never thought off. It is important to do research in the buying stage if this is important to you.

These are just a few ways to save your hard earned cash when it comes to beauty and they are the most readily available. Online shopping is also a good option but I don’t recommend buying anything online unless you have previously tried it. Almost nothing is worse than spending money on a product that has great reviews and it doesn’t work for you.

This is my favorite way to save, what’s your’s? Let us know below or ask any questions you may have.



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