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Find the right light for your makeup

Have you applied your makeup in your bathroom, thought it looked good but didn’t like what you saw when you looked in a mirror outside? I have and I’m sure many other women have as well. What kind of light is the best for applying makeup? I have come across a few tips to help make your bathroom application friendly.

Bright Sunshiny Day

Light that mimics sunshine is the best as it is the purest light. It is very crisp light and is unforgiving when it comes to makeup application. It also ensures you don’t miss anything. The easiest way to get this light is to buy a crisp, natural light makeup mirror.

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Other considerations

You will want to consider the source of the light. If it is overhead or from the back you will get unwanted shadows. It could accentuate wrinkles and other features you want to minimize. You will want light to be directly in front of you to illuminate the front and sides of your face without glare. Makeup and vanity mirrors are designed to provide the best illumination.

When buying bulbs look for ones that say “daylight spectrum” or “natural light.” If you have fluorescent lights you may want to think about replacing them as they are a bit harsh. You will also want to use lower wattage lights as the wattage is not what causes vision problems.

The right makeup for the occasion

Once you have the right light everything else will fall into place. For daytime favor warm colors such as brown and taupe for the eyes and a light colored blush and lipstick. To avoid a heavy texture, refrain from shading and contouring to make your nose smaller or cheeks look thinner. At night the light is more forgiving and you can play with cooler colors like blue, purple, gray and dark reds.

Use caution when using light-reflecting foundations and powders. They have small particles that can irritate sensitive skin or settle in pores, making them look larger. They do brighten your face but they might make you skin look shiny. Use these in specific areas to highlight features, such as the high point of the cheekbones. Try using it at night for the desired effect. Too little makeup is definitely better than too much, particularly in the bright sunlight.

If you have any suggestions or comments please leave them. I love hearing from you!

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Could your makeup habits age you?

For most women makeup is an essential part of the morning routine. It is when you get to cover up what you don’t like and accentuate what you do like. You probably didn’t think that if you used the wrong products or applied it wrong that it could actually age you, or make you appear older than you really are. Yikes!

As women age we tend to fall into two groups, those who go too bold in an effort to hang on to their youth and those who are just trying to cover it up and stay too neutral. Neither extreme provides the benefits you want. This may not be something many of you are worried about now but you will be so I have gone out and found some great tips to help you avoid making these mistakes.

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1. Skip foundation powder. You may be using powder to set your makeup but what you may not see is that powder settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Powder also absorbs oil and moisture, which can over-dry already dry skin. Keep in mind as you get old your skin tends to be drier. If you don’t want to give it up there are translucent powders that will function the same way as your old trusty.

2. Relinquish your black eyeliner.  Eyeliner is great for making your eyes pop and appear more open, however black can be too harsh. One major trend is moving away from black as the end all be all color for eyeliner to browns and other darker, jewel toned colors that compliment your eye shadow. You get the same effect without looking overdone.

3. Don’t overdo the eyes. This goes for putting too much eye shadow on the lid as well as over concealing under the eye. If you put too much on the eyelid it can make them look heavy and weighed down. It can also create a crepey appearance. Apply a thin layer of primer, let it dry and then apply eye shadow. The primer allows you to use less. On the other side, concealer seems like a good way to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. While this is true, if overdone it accentuates wrinkles and lines in this area. Use a moisturizing eye cream and pat it in with a finger. This helps it melt into your skin.

4. Keep lip liner and lip color light. As we age our lips lose their pigment and color, making lip color more and more important. What you don’t want to do is overdo the liner or the color. Heavy lip liner went out with the 90’s so to avoid this dated look use a liner that closely matches your lip color and follow the natural lip line. Another way to prevent your lip color from going astray is to use a brush instead of applying from the tube. Applying from the tube tends to apply more than you need so instead use a brush by dipping it into the lip color and apply, starting from the middle and working out.

Those are some easy, natural way to retain youth. If you found this helpful please share or leave a comment if you have suggestions or questions.