Inner Beauty

Finding Inner Beauty: The beginning of a journey

Inner beauty is not quantifiable or readily visible. As women we focus quite a bit of our energy on outer appearances and how others perceive us. Collectively women spend over $426 billion a year on beauty products. Studies show that 35% of women use at least two products daily and 17% use three or four. The real struggle is matching up how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside.

Inner Beauty

There are so many self help books out there that it can be overwhelming. You may end up picking one at random and either agree or disagree with what the author has to say about finding yourself and your inner beauty. In doing some research on the topic I have found some common techniques other’s find helpful. I want to share them so you can use them as well.

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Inner beauty is described in many different ways but it basically comes down to being a generally good person, showing kindness, honesty, etc. I have heard inner beauty dismissed as a term used by “ugly” people to feel better about themselves. This is completely false and we all know this to be false but, unfortunately, negative thoughts are more prevalent than positive ones. One part of the journey to find inner beauty is about finding the positive things in life.

The Beginning

  1. Start by smiling more. It seems a little too simple but it will change the way people interact with you. It will also help change your view of the situation for the better.

  1. Find something you are passionate about and pursue it. This could be volunteerism or a hobby that you have been wanting to get into. A hobby is something you do that is completely of your own choosing and is shown to help relieve stress as well as realize accomplishments outside work that are your own.

  1. Be present in your life. You know those conversations where you are vaguely tuned out and maybe thinking about what is for dinner or what movie to watch later. Being focused and aware of those around you will help your relationships and a feeling of connection. Showing people you genuinely care about what is going on will help you with those relationships in a positive way.

Again, these seem like such small, obvious things to do but we tend to forget about them during the course of the day or the week. I have recently begun a practice of verbalizing the things I am grateful for in my life. They are sometimes small things like my job and my home as well as bigger things like my husband and my life in general. I have found it makes a big difference on my attitude. I find that verbalizing them is more powerful than writing them down because they seem more real. It all depends on what feels best for you.

As I continue down this journey I will continue to post my findings on what works in order to help others be more happy in their lives. If you found this helpful please share or leave a comment if you have suggestions or questions.