Best way to apply liquid foundation: brush, fingers or sponge?

After writing about proper cleansing in addition to how important it is to not touch your face and get dirt in your pores, I began agonizing over the best way to apply liquid foundation. If most women are like me, they apply it with their fingers. In doing some research I found some tips and tricks for easy, streak-free application of foundation as well as recommended application methods.

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It’s okay to use your fingers!

You might think it’s bad for your skin to apply liquid foundation with your fingers, however, that’s not the case. The main reason some experts don’t recommend it is because it can lead to a streaky finish. If you do choose to use your fingers just make sure you wash them before and afterwards so you don’t add extra dirt to your face or accidentally wipe foundation on your clothes.

In order to get a good finish you may want to start with a foundation primer. Primers help increase the longevity of the foundation and create a smoother finish. You also don’t want to use too much foundation so start with a little bit by putting small dots on the trouble zones first. Then blend it in and if you need to add more to a certain area for an even look add a little bit more. Don’t forget to blend down the jawline to your neck, the goal is a natural finish.

The lowdown on brushes

Foundation brushes are recommended by many as they provide a streak-free application for liquid foundation. You will still want to use a primer to create a good base. You should use the same technique with the brush as with your fingers, start with the trouble areas by applying small dots and blending outward. Brushes are a great tool but optional. One must have brush is a concealer brush. They tend to have thicker bristles and are good for getting the concealer all over the blemish. Don’t forget to wash them periodically to rid them of bacteria and makeup that builds up.

What about sponges?

Sponges are another option for liquid foundation application. I don’t recommend using one to apply liquid foundation as they tend to absorb more than makes it on to your face and they need to be regularly replaced for hygiene concerns, i.e bacteria. There is a new generation of sponges called beauty sponges that are highly recommended for a great finish. If you want to use one try getting it wet before applying so it doesn’t absorb as much foundation. The blending ability varies per sponge but they can create a good, natural finish.

The important points about liquid foundation application are:

  1. It’s okay to use your fingers, be sure to wash your hands
  2. Start with a primer
  3. Buildup to the coverage you want
  4. Blend out and down
  5. Make sure to clean your brush
  6. If using a sponge, wet before use
  7. Check for lines and streaks
  8. Wait before applying powder so it doesn’t stick

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