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Tales of a beauty editor without makeup

I recently read an article written by a beauty expert who wears little to no makeup. This surprised me because it is usually the opposite. Beauty bloggers are always very put together looking as it makes them seem more credible. Since part of this is about inner beauty I wanted to explore why Jessica making this statement is actually a good thing.

I also just recently did part of a video for my blog with no makeup on. It was very hard to do because I normally don’t even like my husband to see me like that. It makes me feel uncomfortable to let my guard down. I was happy to see another writer do the same thing I did, except for her it is her normal. I am still struggling with the idea of it.

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I was amazed at how she described being afraid to create a makeup routine because someday she may feel as if makeup is necessary to look like herself. She also describes how wearing her flaws has helped her learn to embrace them. For her putting makeup accentuates the things she would want to change about herself. What she does do is have a extensive skin care routine to make her complexion the best it can be.

This article struck home for me as I have been on a journey to learn to be comfortable with myself and this is a new perspective I have never heard. What it does do is fully reinforce the importance of a good skin care regimen. The better your skin looks without makeup, the more comfortable you will feel in your skin. I will say I have to agree with what Jessica has to say. It is inspiring and bold, especially for a beauty expert.

It turns out that “going nude” is becoming more and more popular. A campaign to raise money for breast cancer promoted posting a selfie without makeup. While the campaign got some negative attention I was impressed with how many women participated, even if there is some scrutiny. That shows that we are more comfortable than we think.

Ultimately, make up is just a tool used to enhance our appearance. What does the real dirty work is the skin care regiment behind it. That is why I focus so much on skin care, it builds the foundation you will be working with the rest of your life. It is important to take care of it and keep it strong. If you do that, you are on the right track.

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