Must Have Spring makeup colors

Spring is in full bloom and so are the colors. If you love bright colors you are most likely loving the spring palettes. Orange is in as well as bright greens and blues. If you are going to experiment with these great colors choose either the eyes or the lips, not both.

How to wear orange lips

If you have darker skin you can go for the bolder oranges as it works well with those skin tones. If you have lighter skin, opt for a orange-coral color so you don’t over do it. To make your teeth look whiter choose a blue toned orange, warm toned colors can make your teeth appear more yellow. You can add a little lip gloss to tame the color as well. A bold orange lip with a nude eye is a great fresh, spring look.

orange lips
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Spring eyeshadows for every eye color

Green eyeshadow flatters all eye colors, especially brown or dark eyes. If you choose the right shade and apply it correctly, even the lime hues will look flattering. To pull off this look make sure to wear peachy, nude colors on the rest of your face.

Brown Eyes: Choose a blue-green color to bring out the warm tones in your eyes. Apply a rich, blue-green right at the lash line for an extra pop. Try a sea foam or aquamarine color.

Blue Eyes: Blue eyes can be very versatile when it comes to greens. A good color is forest greens and warm gold shadows. Apply along the lash line or create a variation of the smoky eye.

Green Eyes: Look for colors that directly contrast your eye color or the opposite color. If you have lighter green eyes look for a darker green shadow and if you have lighter eyes find a darker green to contrast.

Hazel Eyes: Green eyeshadows compliment hazel eyes as it brings out the gold flecks. For a more natural look go for the earthy, darker colors.

If you have any questions or a favorite way you wear these trending colors please a comment! I love hearing from you.