April 2014 Birchbox reviews

I recently received my second Birchbox for the month of April. This is a little late but I wanted to have a chance to try the products out first. I am still impressed by the variety and quality of the products in the box. The title is “Rainy Days” but the products inspire springtime and sunny days.

My April 2014 Birchbox
My April 201 Birchbox
  1. Beauty Protector: a leave in conditioner spray. Not only does it smell amazing but is is good for daily use and all hair types. It also touts many benefits including instant detangling, thermal protection, UV protection, seals cuticles, locks in color, adds shine, while being weightless and non-greasy. Spray generously on damp hair before styling.
  2. Color Club nail polish: Breakfast at…. It is the perfect spring shade that sports a little shimmer. Apply two coats and a top coat to keep it looking fresh.
  3. Yogini: by Harvey Prince. This is a stress-dissolving scent that is light, and crisp with notes of grapefruit and star jasmine. You will also find hints of sandalwood, and Egyptian myrrh mixed with natural essences and oils. I love perfumes and this is in the top running as my new favorite. It’s great for any occasion. Apply to pulse points.
  4. Sumita color intense pencil: Black. It is a soft wax liner that goes on super smooth for a long lasting, rich finish that won’t irritate eyes. This liner goes on so easy, it’s like a dream. You can blend it easily for a softer look.
  5. The lifestyle extra for this month is a KIND snacks healthy grains bar in Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt. The bars are gluten free and all natural non GMO (genetically modified organisms). It is 150 calories for one bar and the list of ingredients is completely readable. These are great tasting and full of whole grains.

This was a great combination of products to get me ready for spring and the sunny days ahead. I was thinking about canceling my subscription but I will definitely give it at least another month. I am going to have to come up with a good storage system in the near future. Thank you for keeping me trendy!

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